How New SEO Client Sees 3500% Increase in Organic SEO Traffic in 30 Days

How New SEO Client Sees 3500% Increase in Organic SEO Traffic in 30 Days

How A New Client Got 3500% Increase in Organic Traffic

SEO Actually WORKS!  True Story:  Recent Client. Read it or Weep!

I started working for a new SEO client about 30 days ago.  This client HAD Content, but not optimized content.  After SEO, Organic Traffic improved 3500% and Actual Unique Users improves almost 800% IN 30 DAYS!  See charts below from Google Analytics.

How SEO Works
How SEO Works

Now for the how.  It starts with Communication Theory.  

Communication Sender: Formulates Desired Message > Formulates Desired Action > Applies Audience Considerations > Performs Message Encoding (may be channel specific) > Message Delivered

Communications Receiver:  Message Received > Noise and Perceptual Filters Applied > Message Selected For Attention > Message Decoded > Message Understanding Arrived At > Desired Action OR perhaps Unwanted Action Is then Taken

BEFORE we can do SEO, we must know what message we desire to send, to whom, what perceptual filters they may apply (may be channel specific).  Only  THEN can we DO the SEO.

  • Step One:  Consider the above when selecting keywords and communication channels.
  • Step Two:  Create Meta Tags and Message Content around the RIGHT Keywords, with the right Keyword Placement and Keyword Density, which will include audience specific keywords for On-Page SEO, and create the right calls to action.
  • Step Three:  Once the keywords and audience and content have been addressed, and content has been created….  GET TRAFFIC (By whatever means possible, generally Off-Page SEO).

WHY DID THIS WORK?  Google now considers website traffic as a primary signal around how useful web visitors find your website. And google only wants to send searchers to useful websites.  This is Google’s stock in trade.  They don’t care about your website.  They don’t care how beautiful your website is.  They don’t care how good you are.  They don’t care how good your product or service is.  What Google cares about is sending the searcher eyeballs, which they own by the way, to useful websites.

WHAT ABOUT YOU?  You can spend thousands of hours figuring all this out, or you can quit wishing and hoping and schedule a free consult and start a conversation about whether or not I can help you experience the kind of results the client below experienced.   What would this kind of result be worth to you?  Are you willing to make an investment to get the payoff?  If you are, then I can help you with that!

Let’s Talk Soon! 

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